Lot of people whom I meet are more inquisitive about the camera gear that I use. I have finally found some time to document the same. Before you proceed further, I wish to tell you that the camera is just a piece of hardware. It is the photographer who clicks good pictures. All the Best!!! Happy clicking :-)


  1. Nikon D750 Full Frame.

  2. Nikon D3100 (back up).

Lights and Softbox:

  1. Yongnou LED lights.

  2. Godox High Speed Sync (HSS) Speed Lights.

  3. Godox Soft box.


  1. 24-120mm for crisp long shots, close-ups, and portraits. Mostly used.

  2. 50mm wide angle for close-up portraits, head shots, and for that amazing bokeh.

  3. 55-200mm for long shots, candid shoot. (Planning for 70-200mm next)

  4. 18-55mm for back-up (mostly stays in my bag).

Other accessories include:

  1. Flash diffusers

  2. Professional heavy duty tripod.

  3. Reflectors.

  4. Light Stands.

  5. Off camera flash triggers.

  6. Tamron professional camera bag for carrying all my photography gear.

For all practical reasons, all my photography gear is portable. That helps me set up my studio for all the assignments that I accept.

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