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About Nabarun

Capturing moments has always been my hobby. With an interest in technology and art, photography soon became a passion that I couldn’t deny.

​With ORANGEDREAMS I began my venture into photography in the YEAR 2010 and became passionate about the fundamentals that make a great photograph: light, shadows, composition, and emotion. Over the years, at ORANGEDREAMS I have not only improved my technique but developed my own personal style.

​Specializing in Portrait Photography, Real Estate Photography, Corporate Photography, Pre-Wedding, Getting ready, Fashion Photography, I accept assignments in Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. 

As your chosen Photography Studio, ORANGEDREAMS will capture your poignant and sometimes crazy moments with creative twists that will remain timeless. I use the best equipment in the industry and hold consultations with clients to better understand their vision and preferences.


If you’d like to learn more about ORANGEDREAMS and work with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As a professional photographer, it is my responsibility to help you Cherish Your Dreams! with ORANGEDREAMS.

Contact: here

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"Keep searching until you find that one thing for which you want to give your life" - Steve Jobs





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