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Fashion, is delight and enhances beauty. Fashion is at its best, when it allows you to express yourself. 

Fashion is no longer limited only to the rich and famous. 


Fashion is you, fashion is what you do, fashion is LifeOrangeStyle!


'LifeOrangeStyle! Fashion for people like you and me!’

We invite you to join us in our journey!


OrangeDreams offers you an opportunity to become independent. We open the doors to your financial independence for a better life and a prosperous nation.


An additional source of income for tough times will help in navigating through the hardships faced due to unexpected circumstances. With that in mind it is our dream and endeavour to create employment for all; be it our artisans, or our franchisees. You can own the power to nurture the entrepreneur in you.

You are empowered to change your life with LifeOrangeStyle!


Our first step towards women empowerment!

You are a stay at home mom or, an enterprising woman. LifeOrangeStyle assists you to become independent and bring in additional income from the comforts of your home.

About LifeOrangeStyle

After months of research and planning we bring to you a unique business opportunity to become our privileged brand ambassadors. Our art studios have been working tirelessly over a couple of months to offer hand printed premium and exclusive apparel designs for our people, our nation, our India.

We are looking for business partners who are equally passionate like us to become independent, self-sustained, self-made and thereby help in creating more employment opportunities for many.

We bring to you a unique business model that empowers you to start your own unique, hand-picked and hand-printed apparel business. Our apparels are made from the finest fabrics processed in our art studios before it reaches you.

Franchise Document
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